• 2020 / 09 / 30
  • *金高電網頁改版更新通知*
  • 各位建築先進 您好 :

    金高電全體同仁感謝您的支持與愛戴,為了提升更好的服務品質, 我們於2020.10月起,公司網頁進行全面改版與更新,敬請期待!

    網頁功能的  聯絡我們  與  型錄下載  暫停開放,造成您的不便敬請見諒。

    雖然網頁功能暫停, 但在地的優質服務不間斷, 有任何問題或是需索取參考資料,皆可撥打各地區服務專線 , 我們將有專人為您提供優質的產品服務 。

    - 金高電總部服務電話       -   07-3756727

    -北區 直營經銷商服務電話 -  02-27625277

    -中區 直營經銷商服務電話 -  04-27081377

    -南區 直營經銷商服務電話 -  07-3755668



    敬祝 您 有排水順暢 美好的一天   

    Team of Golden Power  

    金高電實業有限公司  全體同仁 敬上



    Hello everyone,

    All CUGP colleagues thank you for your support. In order to improve the quality of service, we will conduct a comprehensive revision and update of the company webpage from October 2020. Stay tuned!

    The contact us and catalog download of the webpage function are temporarily closed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Although the webpage function is suspended, the local high-quality service is uninterrupted. If you have any questions or need to obtain reference materials, you can call the service hotlines of various regions, and we will have someone to provide you with high-quality products and services.

    -CUGP Headquarters Service-   07-3756727

    -Northern Direct Dealer Service - 02-27625277

    -Central District Direct Dealer Service- 04-27081377

    -Southern District Direct Dealer Service - 07-3755668



    Respectfully, have a nice day

    Team of Golden Power